Blown Away Product Line



Blown Away Wild Lemongrass is a Cosmos Certified Organic Productline, which was developed for Midsona Denmark A/S under the Urtekram Brand.



Midsona Denmark A/S


Product Formulation, Regulatory Affairs, Safety Assessment

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Breaf & idea.

When the Innovation Manager came to me with the product Brief for Blown Away Wild Lemongrass I knew it was a great opportunity to create a wonderful line of skin cleansing products.

Using Lemongrass as the concept idea it was requested to use Lemongrass in the form of both essential oils which according to folk-lore have anti-bacterial effects, anti-fungal effects while soothing irritated skin.

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The often crass lemongrass essential oil was tempered with lemon and lime to give a fresh and more balanced scent.
Improving upon their current formulations while using primarily the same ingredients was an interesting challenge,

The product line was so well received that it was nominated for Line of the Year and the hand-soap specifically for Hygiene product of the year at the Danish Beauty awards.