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The Professional Me

My Name is Simon B. Christensen
I am a medicinal chemist by education with a master's degree from the University of Copenhagen - Take a glance at my work under publications.

While my thesis specialised in peptide synthesis and the education in drug development my interests are more broad. Besides drug development and general chemistry I have a firm interest in both food-science as well as cosmetic science.

Wonder how I am to work with? - I have been described as a loyal and hardworking employee full of creative ideas and initiative, willing to help out wherever possible and to me the most important one; I am described as reliable.

As a result my aspirations in my choice of career focus on creation and improvement of products targeted ill-fallen persons in the medical industry and products to improve feel and self-esteem in the cosmetic industry.

The Personal Me

Born on the 24th of November 1991 and now living in Allerød with my spouse.

During my early years I learned about the importance of accomplishments, not only for direct rewards but for the personal fulfilment it brings - which I to this day strive for with continously new projects.

What are these projects I mentioned? - Well, I like to make websites for one, furthermore I enjoy cooking and creating cosmetics (which, I suppose, is obvious for anyone who read my professional profile).

Finally, I dream of one day becoming more or less self-sufficient (I cannot for the life of me butcher anything I cared for or nurtured), but yeah, that is pretty much me, but you can always try to get a hold of my through the contact form or LinkedIn.


Peptide Synthesis

Organic Synthesis

Cosmetic Formulation

Analytical HPLC with PDA-detection

Mass spectrometry and NMR Spectroscopy

Business & Management

Cell Biology



R&D Intern at Persano Group

You would be surprised how much you can learn from an internship. while I worked at the Persano factory I got a grasp of the different raw materials and some of their peculiarities.

While I got my hands on a lot of projects, the most challenging to me were the colorcosmetic ones, colormatching a benchmark is remarkably difficult, as a few pigment drops does a great difference.

Kvickly Allerød

While studying I worked in retail, where worked my way up the ladder to costumer-service, managing the employees including day-to-day scheduling, costumer satisfaction and service, as well as minor technical challenges.

University of Copenhagen

Half a year before starting my thesis I took a temporary position at the University of Copenhagen as a laboratory assistant. My main responsibilities were assuring the Department of Drug Design & Pharmacology complied with the CLP-standard as defined by EU legislation.


Master of Science

Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry, accredited by the Faculty of Health at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The thesis was about FPR2 Ligands, comparative method analysis and scalability.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, accredited by the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The report revolved around the synthesis of cyclic antimicrobial peptides.

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